Comic Headquarters was the creation of comic enthusiast Steve Koch back in 1988 when Steve was selling comics out of his own collection. Lo and behold, for the next 26 years, Steve has grown Comic Headquarters into an essential destination for comic readers, collectors, and enthusiasts of all ages! In the fall of 2014, the comic book community of St. Louis suffered a tragic loss when Steve unexpectedly passed away. The future of Comic Headquarters was unclear until the spring of 2015 when the shop was picked up by Jake Dilley and Mike Petrowich. Jake and Mike want to continue the legacy that Steve started with the creation of Comic Headquarters, to put simply, the love of comic books. 

Jake and Mike have been collecting comic books for as long as they can remember. Their love of comic books has virtually shaped their future, leading them to backgrounds in writing and art. They believe comic books should not be about big business but sharing the sheer joy that comic books have brought them throughout their lives. This is what they hope to accomplish going forth as the new owners of Comic Headquarters. 

"I had the pleasure of meeting with co-owner, Jake Dilley, whose great passion & exuberance for the comic genre was exhilarating!! And, not just for our beloved DC Comics but was just as knowledgable concerning Marvel properties, as well as many others. Also, my condolences to you all & the family of the former owner, who would be proud of you, both, carrying on!!! May God bless you all in this time of need!!!"  --  K. Dean